Heritage Sites

West Penwith is littered with ancient monuments, stone circles, hill forts, standing stones and more.  In fact West Cornwall has one of the largest concentrations of ancient sites in the whole of Europe.  West Cornwall’s landscape has changed very little since the Bronze Age 4500 years ago, resulting in the preservation of hundreds of monuments through the Iron Age and into modern times. There are three stone crosses, the Merry Maidens stone circle and a Neolithic burial chamber within a few minutes’ walk of the farm.

Merry Maidens

This late Stone/early Bronze Age (2500-1500BC) stone circle is renowned for both its beauty and the stories connected to it. The Merry Maidens is one of the few 'true' stone circles in Cornwall, being perfectly circular; it comprises of nineteen stones.  There are several standing stones in the nearby area, including two very large uprights known as the Pipers. All just a few minutes’ walk from the farm.